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Capirossi absen di motegi…????? 24 September 2011

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Putaran terakhir di Aragon kemarin ternyata menyisakan duka mendalam bagi LORIS CAPIROSSI,akibat  cedera bahu kanan Capirossi makin parah dan dia dipaksa melewatkan GP Jepang.

Jatuhnya Capirrossi di Assen bulan juni kemarin ternyata membuat bahunya cedera, parahnya lagi di Aragon Capirossi jatuh lagi dan memperparah cedera yang sama..

Doctor Costa Claudio elaborated on the injuries Capirex sustained in the Aragon crash: “I saw Loris’ fall, which was spectacular and of course very dangerous. He again suffered a dislocation of the right clavicle, which he had already dislocated in the Netherlands Grand Prix. Now if he were to have another similar accident, with the ligaments that have just healed and are therefore no longer totally healthy, it could be dangerous and not worth the risk.

Capirossi menyesal melewatkan GP Japan ini….

“I regret this very much, but I think this is the best choice for ending my season, and my career, in the best way possible for the last three races in Australia, Malaysia and Valencia.”

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